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The majority of posts within this musebox will be members only for the sake of my privacy as well as the privacy of any who wish to roleplay with me in here.  If you want to do things outside of roleplaying games we're in and still enjoy the dreamwidth/journal-style roleplay, here's one possible location we can use.

Sometimes, I may leave a thread (if all involved are comfortable) public so people have a few references on whether or not they might want to interact with me and have never done so until stumbling upon this musebox while searching for roleplayers.  Please, feel free to hit me up and see if we can get something going.

I work a full-time job and roleplay isn't my only hobby, but I do love writing with others.  I run a panfandom rpg on dreamwidth, but I also like one-on-one roleplays a lot, so if you're a shyer person who prefers that, please just let me know!

I think I'm rambling now.  Anyway, feel free to comment here and introduce yourself if we've never talked before and how you found me, and what you might like to write together.  If it's something I feel like we can do, I'll give it a shot and say hello.  

I'll keep a list of muses and or dream roleplays here and here, so feel free to use them.

I also have a few roleplay blogs and a musebox on insanejournal, if you prefer to roleplay there.


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