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 Thank you for visiting this page!  Please note that I do not have to have a ship in a roleplay to be interested in it; there are plenty of roleplays I've done without it.  However, some people might want to roleplay a particular pairing in an adventure rp, or something simpler with a heavy romantic focus, etc.  Whatever it is, don't be shy.  It's perfectly fine to hit me up and request a ship on this list.  There's just a few notes before viewing the list.

01.  Just because it isn't on this list doesn't mean you can't ask me for it.  I reserve the right to say yes or no, always, but I will usually give requests a fair consideration.  I do, have, and probably will continue to roleplay pairings that I don't particularly ship myself in the future as writing practice, or to test it out for myself.  
02.  I probably haven't remembered to list every ship I like.  The list would likely be even more ridiculously huge than it is.  I add as I remember, but you might even be requesting something I love and forgot to add.
03.  Just because it isn't on this list, doesn't mean I hate it or look down on someone who likes the ship.  Just because I say no, doesn't mean I hate it.  My muse for the character I'd need to play might be too weak at the moment, I might have rped too much of it recently, or I may simply not be up to the half of the pair that the requester wanted me to play as.  I don't care enough to hate ships for the most part.
04.  Just because I wrote something on here, doesn't mean I support the related themes happening in real life.  I'll write a lot of questionable themes for the writing challenge and to further advance my writing, however, that doesn't mean I think it's okay for someone to murder, hurt, etc. in real life!  Just like how reading something doesn't mean you approve of it, writing something doesn't mean you approve of it in real life either.
05. The order of the names doesn't imply Seme x Uke or anything whatsoever.  I extremely dislike unrealistic pairing dimensions such as this unless it truly, absolutely is indicated by the canon material that the characters are that one-dimensional with their tastes.  If it's a same sex couple, such as two men, please do not assume I'm here to write your Big Seme Man or the opposite.  I extremely dislike the Seme x Uke concept.

Attack on Titan

Eren x Mikasa
Levi x Eren
Krista x Ymir
Jean x Mikasa
Levi x Hange

Batman: The Animated Series
Batman x Harley
Mad Hatter x Alice

Code Geass (Oh boy, here we go)
Lelouch x Nunnally
Lelouch x Shirley
Lloyd x Milly
Rolo x Nunnally
Suzaku x Euphemia
Suzaku x Nunnally (Post-series only)
Cordelia x Euphemia

Code Realize
Cardia x Lupin
Cardia x Van Helsing
Cardia x Frankenstein
Cardia x Barbicane
Cardia x Saint-Germain

Deep Sea Prisoner Games & Etc.
(Wadanohara & the Great Blue Sea, etc.)
Idate x Rocma
Shirogane x Rocma
Fukami x Wadanohara
Samekichi x Wadanohara
Sal x Wadanohara

Diabolik Lovers & Etc.
Practically Anyone x Yui; though bonus points if I get to write Yui herself, as I've only written the Diabolik men so far.
And, if it doesn't sound too crazy, Yui x Crossover Female/Male

Fate Stay/Night & Etc.
Saber x Guinevere  (combining a little more of the actual Arthurian legend into it)
Saber x Diarmuid
Saber x Rin
Archer x Rin
Gilgamesh x Saber
Shirou x Rin
Shirou x Sakura
Rider x Sakura
Shinji x Sakura (This could be absolute hell or focus on fixing the problems here)

Final Fantasy VII
& Etc. (I grew up with the original game, where Aeris was 'Aeris'.  If it is absolutely necessary to you, I will use 'Aerith', but it's not my preference.)
Cloud x Aeris
Cloud x Tifa
Sephiroth x Aeris
Vincent x Aeris
Rufus x Aeris
Zack x Aeris
Reno x Elena
Tseng x Elena

Final Fantasy IX

Zidane x Dagger

Full Metal Alchemist

Ed x Winry
Roy x Riza
Jean x Crossover Female Character Converted to Civilian Status in FMA

Gundam Wing
Dorothy x Relena
Duo x Relena
Duo x Your Well-Done OC
Quatre x Dorothy
Quatre x Your Well-Done OC

Koharu x Senri
Koharu x Kakeru
Mikoto x Sakuya
Mikoto x Natsuhiko
Nanami x Heishi
Nanami x Akito

Period: Cube
Kazuha x Poyo-Poyo
Kazuha x Astrum
Kazuha x Radius
Kazuha x Libera
Sirent x 
Ira x Libera

Pandora Hearts
In Progress

Persona 3
Akihiko x Mitsuru
Junpei x Yukari
Ryoji x Aigis
Ryoji x Protag (Either) x Aigis
Male Protag x Female Protag
FemProtag x Junpei
FemProtag x Ryoji
FemProtag x Shinjiro

Persona 4
& Etc.
Protagonist x Chie
Kanji x Naoto
Adachi x Chie
Adachi x Naoto
Adachi x Certain Crossover Characters (such as Toradora's Ami)
Adachi x Protagonist
Sho x Adachi
Sho x Naoto

Persona 5
Sojiro x An Adult Woman from a Different Canon
Sojiro x Kawakami
Protag x Kawakami
Ann x Ryuji 
Ann x Haru
Ann x Shiho
Haru x Her Fiance *Less that I actively ship it, more that I find the relationship worth exploring, both during the engagement and how they'd interact later.

Rurouni Kenshin
Kenshin x Kaoru

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Simon x Nia

Valkyrie Profile
Lezard x Lenneth

Vampire Knight (Warning: I'd have to review the manga, it's been years)
Kaname x Yuuki

Bizarre Crossover Dreams - For more strange crossover ideas, just go here.

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The majority of posts within this musebox will be members only for the sake of my privacy as well as the privacy of any who wish to roleplay with me in here.  If you want to do things outside of roleplaying games we're in and still enjoy the dreamwidth/journal-style roleplay, here's one possible location we can use.

Sometimes, I may leave a thread (if all involved are comfortable) public so people have a few references on whether or not they might want to interact with me and have never done so until stumbling upon this musebox while searching for roleplayers.  Please, feel free to hit me up and see if we can get something going.

I work a full-time job and roleplay isn't my only hobby, but I do love writing with others.  I run a panfandom rpg on dreamwidth, but I also like one-on-one roleplays a lot, so if you're a shyer person who prefers that, please just let me know!

I think I'm rambling now.  Anyway, feel free to comment here and introduce yourself if we've never talked before and how you found me, and what you might like to write together.  If it's something I feel like we can do, I'll give it a shot and say hello.  

I'll keep a list of muses and or dream roleplays here and here, so feel free to use them.

I also have a few roleplay blogs and a musebox on insanejournal, if you prefer to roleplay there.


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